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Main features:
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Paid social
Google Analytics setup and integration
Main features:
Retargeting and remarketing
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Using product feed in advertising campaigns
Audience parsing depending on campaign goals
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Kolesa darom
Market competition: high
What has been done:
Improved account structure: we divided advertising campaigns in detail into different types of semantic segments; combined ad campaigns by seasonality of different GEOs
For each semantic segment, the corresponding relevant ad texts and USPs were written; landing pages were chosen
number of transactions
revenue while maintaining profitability
Relaunched DSA and SMART Banners based on a new structure
Switched campaigns to automatic bid management strategies with cost per conversion optimization depending on the average check in the category
Paid search
For campaigns with a small amount of data on transactions, an automatic strategy training was set for the Goal located higher in the sales funnel - Order completed
Royal tent
Market competition: low
What has been done:
we parsed and analyzed more then 3000 queries, destributed them for clasters depending on closeness to our product
Since most of the leads we collect by phone, we made a research of call tracking systems that provide number substitution services in the UAE. We choosed call tracking from CallGear.
5 times
increased amount of leads from website
by 75%
CPL reduced
We tested a lot of strategys on paid search and reveal the most converting groups of queries and audience.
Based on the data received, we launched campaigns on Youtube, received excellent results in terms of video viewing, as a result, the growth of brand queries
Paid search
We launched a new type of campaign - a campaign with maximum efficiency. Due to the use of all advertising tools (banners, videos, feeds), the number of targeted leads has increased immediately.
Market competition: high
What has been done:
The structure of the account has been improved: large regions are divided into separate ad campaigns of two types. 1st type: queries based on the main masks of the product, showing for the corresponding region 2nd type: queries based on the main masks of the product with the city name included, the display is set worldwide, except for the city itself. Thus, we covered all possible geo-targeting for each major city.
For each region unique titles and ad texts were written, with prices corresponding to this region. For each region, a landing page with a relevant domain was set
number of transactions
During the optimization of advertising campaigns, sincere bids were calculated and set in some of the campaigns, some of the campaigns were transferred to an automatic strategy with pay per purchase
For smaller regions, two general campaigns were setup. The first campaign with division by region in groups. The second campaign, shown worldwide with the exception of the regions from the first advertising campaign. We chose an automatic strategy for the target share of advertising costs. Additionally, autotargeting was added to campaigns by regions, which helped to cover unused queries.
Paid search
We set up smart banners with the condition of displaying certain categories of goods and the corresponding subdomain for each region. We chose an automatic strategy with payment per transaction. Since the main volume of orders comes from Moscow and the margin is higher there, the CPA price in the Moscow geo group was set slightly higher than in other regions.
by 13%
transaction price decreased
by 26%
CRR reduced
Market competition: high
What has been done:
After previous advertising activities audit, it was decided to build an advertising strategy from scratch.
Facebook: test ad campaigns were launched using new cabinets in all possible formats and placements. Narrow audience segments and geo positions were tested. We used interest-based campaigns, retargeting, dynamic retargeting. In the process, we realized that too narrow market segmentation gives a very high CPM, combined several ad campaigns and started to work with video creatives, simultaneously launching feeds for a wide audience. The change in the rate strategy to the limiting and wider segment allowed us to decrease CRR and reach client's KPI
sales volume increase
by 25%
decreased CRR on Facebook
Ad campaign goals:
sales increase, reach the planned CRR of 25% on Facebook and 20%
Lustra na dom
Ad campaign goals:
Sales volume increase
What has been done:
After conducting a marketing analysis and based on the experience of previous placements, we came to the conclusion that the ideal solution to the problem in a short time would be to use promotion by product SKUs. We prepared campaigns on search network and supplemented them with smart banners and dynamic ads. Using paid search toolkit, we were able to narrow down the audience to users who are interested in a particular product. This made it possible to cover specialists professionally involved in interior design, as well as users who have decided on a particular product and are ready to purchase it.
CRR decreased from 17.40% to 11.75%
by 33,41%
order cost reduced
Paid Search
by 20,51%
sales volume increased
Market competition: high
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